Bare Bulb vs Lamp & Housing (whats the difference?)

Bare lamp Lamp Housing

Many customers do not know the difference between purchasing a bare bulb vs purchasing a lamp and housing. Interlight stocks both bare bulbs and lamp & housings.The picture above on the left is a lamp and housing. The picture above on the right is a bare lamp. The bare lamp on the right is installed into the lamp & housing on the left. Some applications allow you the ability to simply purchase a bare lamp replacement and not purchase a brand new housing (assembly).

Purchasing the bare projector / tv bulb will typically save your money due to the fact that you are not purchasing a brand new housing. The installation is pretty simple and typically all you need is a screw driver.


Process to install your Bare bulb
1. Inspect the assembly prior to removing any screws. It may be helpful to take pictures prior to disassembling the housing.

2. Remove the screws that secure the housing.

3. Unscrew the wires that connect your bare bulb to the projector housing.

4. Remove any clips that hold the bare bulb in place.

5. Replace the old bare bulb with the new bare lamp.

6. Reconnect any wires to the new bare bulb.

7. Replace the clips to secure the new bare bulb in the housing.

8. Screw the housing back togather to secure the new bare lamp inside the housing.

9. Insert the assembled housing back into your equipment.

10. Some equipment may require you to reset the lamp timer. This is commonly done on the equipment or using the remote control. Please refer to your owners manual for more information.

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